Please review our new COVID-19 Policy.
We have invented a way to safely provide the eyebrow threading during this pandemic.

Welcome to The Arch Maestro the place to show the world inner gorgeous you. Our maestro is at your service for a dream arched. We truly believe that Arch by thread is an ART of careful and precise work to craft the perfect eyebrow. We are passionate about sharing our passion for this ancient way of eyebrow threading.

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Meet The Maestro

Maestro : Poonam Gohel (Owner)

Poonam Gohel is a licensed WA state Esthetician. She is the maestro of eyebrow threading. In India and other eastern countries threading is a preferred method for giving a beautiful arch to the eyebrows. She learned the art of threading as a hobby in her teen age and since then she has mastered the skill. She is passionate about sharing her skill and knowledge with others.

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Address: 3700 Pacific Ave SE,Suite #F, Olympia WA 98501

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Phone: 360-918-6410

Fequently Asked Questions

What is threading?
Threading is an ancient and effective way of removing facial hairs using a thread. As our Maestro says eyebrow threading is an art and it helps to work on a single hair at a time to get the dream arch to your eyebrows.
Does threading hurt?
It depends on the person who is doing threading. It is same as when you go for your flue shots or blood work and sometime you wont feel a thing becuase the person giving you shots has pointed the niddle accurately and you wont feel anything. Most of our clients says it hurts way less then waxing.
Is there way to have less pain ?
Yes. Holding the skin tight help get nearly painless experience.
What type of thread do you use?
We use only orgranic cotton thread specially made for threading.
Do you take walk-ins?
Due to new COVID-19 situation and extra time to clean and sanitize between two appointments, we are currently not taking any walk-ins. However feel free to call to check if there are any instant appointment slot open.

COVID-19 Policy

  • We have invented a way to safely provide the eyrbrow threading. Click here to see a video demonstration

  • Customer MUST self-screen yourself for COVID-19 before arriving for an appointment. If you have any COVID-19 symptoms or you think you may have come in contact with any one with Corona positive, please stay home and/or contact your health provider. Just let us know you won't be able to make your appointment. We don’t charge for no-show or last minute cancellation.
  • Check-In: When you reach the parking space, please stay in your vehicle and call 360-918-6410 to check-in. Once the previous customer leaves the salon, when all the necessary areas are cleaned and disinfected, we will call you in. Sorry about any inconvenience.
  • Please put on the facemask before leaving the vehicle.
  • As per government’s Phase-2 Personal Services COVID-19 Requirements, we are not allowed to let guest in unless the appointment is for 16 or younger. Please let the guests wait in the vehicle. Thank you for your understanding and helping us follow WA stage COVID-19 requirements for business operations during this pandemic.
  • If multiple members of the same family/friends have appointment next to each other. We will take one member in at a time while other member(s) wait in the vehicle.
  • We will not take Walk-Ins for now. We will update you when we start the walk-in service again. Sorry for any inconvenience.
  • We encourage our customers to use credit/debit/eGift cards or touchless payment like apple/android pay to reduce the handling of cash.